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Housekeeping & Janitorial Services

Housekeeping & Janitorial Services

Housekeeping & Janitorial Services

Housekeeping & Janitorial Services in terms of the industrial sector involves a lot of services where the worker needs to be proficient in using the tools and machines required for the services. It deals in a lot of services like cleaning of machines, floors, and even the premises of industries and factories. it also involves other services like manual repairing or oiling of machines, which is mandatory to keep the Machines up to date. At McBulls, the team of cleaners is proficient in all kinds of cleaning services like deep cleaning as well as dust control. In the further stages of this article, you will be knowing the detailed information about the services that are offered at McBulls.

Services that we put forward at McBulls

Here is a list of all the services that are offered by McBulls under the name of Housekeeping & Janitorial Services:

  • We provide Deep cleaning services Which are mandatory to keep the machine in working condition for a long time and also to ensure the long life of of the same.
  • Along with this, we provide machinery cleaning services which are more popular among the factories where maximum work is carried out over machines and people have a lot of exposure to machines.
  • We also excel in the vacuum cleaning services that we offer in order to clean the floors of the factories and industries. Along with this, We deal in services like scrubbing and cleaning services to make sure that the floor shines like a new one.
  • Floor mopping services are also popular among factories where grease is a common ingredient in the process of manufacturing any sort of product.
  • There are certain types of floors that cannot be mopped so they require scrubber dryer cleaning services or blower cleaning services that are offered by the specialists at MiPL.
  • In various factories, there are chimneys that stop working due to the dust that gets stuck in their holes. To prevent the inconvenience people, prefer to take our dust control services that help them to keep their apparatus clean. The team is specialized to provide high dusting services as well as low dusting services as per the requirements of the machinery or factory owner.

Why choose us?

The unprecedented and unprotected period of covid-19 compels us to ensure complete hygiene in our services which is one of the reasons we try to train our team of cleaners to provide quality service to their respective customers. This is one reason of us having fruitful feedback from our customers about our service and punctuality. We promise to stand to fight against the difficult situations.

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